How Mysterious Is A Church's Love For God?

Thesis: The church is holy through love for God. Because the church is holy, the church has the duty to love and take care of all people. Holiness is a dedication to God. The People of God, who are the church, individually aim to dedicate themselves to holiness. Particularly, to dedicate oneself to holiness means to love God. God loves and protects us, so we should fully commit to loving Him back. James Martin claims in his book, My Life with the Saints, “I knew that I couldn’t expect anyone’s love. It had to be freely given and freely received,” (Martin 175). Therefore, we grow in holiness through a loving relationship with God. Love for God takes a number of forms. For example, the love can be shown through trust, devotion, or even service. However, only Jesus Christ had complete love for God, but the church strives to be like His example. In addition, the church seeks holiness by following Catholic role models known as the saints. Throughout the church’s history, there have been many saints who embodied holiness through their utter love for God.
Nonetheless, each saint fulfilled their love to God differently. For example, Joan of Arc was known as a “Fool for God.” As a teenager, she trusted the Lord and followed her call to lead a French army to victory. She went against all odds but
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This love for God is displayed in different ways. Whether it be devotion, trust, or service, every saint lived a unique life of love for God. Consequently, all saints recognized the importance of love and made it the center of their lives. These saints are role models for the People of God to develop their holiness. Correspondingly, because the People of God are seeking holiness, the church has a commitment to love and care for all people. This is the church’s way of demonstrating its holiness, and because what we fall in love with is so powerful, the church has no better option but to love God through loving all people on

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