How To Travel Persuasive Essay

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Traveling is unexpected, you don’t know what to do if or when something pops up during your vacations. When I was twelve years old, we had gone to Turkey to see our cousins like we do every year. I found out, in middle of sixth grade that we were also going to Prague when we went on our trip to Turkey. I knew I would spend my birthday there, but now, we were going to be in Prague instead! I could feel the butterflies in my stomach because of how excited I was. Something never expected happened when we were in Prague. Two weeks into our Prague trip, we found out that all the airports were closed because there was a terrorist attack in Turkey. I could feel the hurt in my eyes, thinking that it was going to make our vacation go amazing to terrible.From …show more content…
The air outside was blowing in my face and eyes, feeling like I was going to fall off the boarding craft. Everything was going swell, nothing had gotten in the way of a nice, relaxing three hour plane ride from Turkey to Prague. Other than the fact that all I could feel in my stomach were the rumbles from the plane because the flight we took was a little bumpy. I didn’t really mind because we were going to prague, my mind kept telling me to ignore it and focus on getting to Prague. When I looked up pictures of Prague I couldn't help but bug my mom the whole trip there and all I talked about the whole plane ride was on how excited I was! Slowly but surely, we had arrived in Prague’s international airport. It was the fifth time that I had been to europe and boy was I so happy to be back. While walking through the airport, I could feel a subtle breeze blowing through my hair and it made me feel so relaxed but at the same time that I was so cool. Being in Prague is probably in a lot of people's bucket lists. Wow, I was so lucky to have gone there. I took one step outside of the airport, city lights roaming all over Prague was all I could see. My parents calling a taxi and seeing all the amazing sights was so beautiful. I knew nothing could ruin this

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