Essay about Holden 's View On Adult Society

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Adolescence comes from the Latin world, adolescere, and is defined as “the transitional stage of physical and psychological human development that occurs during the period of puberty to legal adulthood”( In J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, Holden Caulfield, the protagonist, is a symbolic character that represents adolescence. In the novel, Holden’s true issues are not related to the “phonies”. As a matter of fact, his true issue is his inability to accept reality because Holden fabricates concepts and situations to protect himself form the true nature of adult society. Salinger develops Holden’s character to remind readers that although the process of growing up could be emotionally intimating. One must have courage to accept, because the incapability of acceptance creates a barriers between one and the society. Salinger’s emphasizes the importance of this theme constantly throughout the novel based on three main fields: Holden’s opinions on adult society, his objections towards changes, and how he fantasize about the future.
Phony is used to describe someone that is acting not genuinely, or in a fraudulent way ( In The Catcher in the Rye, the word phony, appears a total of 35 times (, while significant words such as “catcher” (173), only appears once throughout the novel. The impact of Holden using “phony” to describe his family, teacher, and others in the society indicates Holden’s immaturity and his misinterpretation…

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