Holden Vs. Holden 's ' The Catcher 's The Rye ' Essay examples

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As we all know teens during their high school years really just want to be on their own and do whatever they want, with no school, no parents and have lots of friends. Most teens also want to be accepted by all the people around them and will do just about anything to make that happen, like making up stories that are just so far fetched that they just keep on going because it makes that person more interested in them. The teen also just wants other people to be there and have a good time with them, they don’t see any of the consequences in front of them, they only see the easy way out that makes them feel like they 're doing okay at the time. All of these same traits fall into the novel The Catcher in the RYE, like the character Holden. However Holden isn’t the only one that wants to fit in and have a good time, some of the people he encounters are the same way.
Holden Wants to be an adult, he wants to drink, have sex, smoke and makes his own rules, but yet he still acts like a kid, because he is a kid. In the beginning of the book we see his childish, he is when he rips up the paper he made his roommate Stradlater. He didn’t think of the fact he didn’t know the importance of the story and why he should be offended, to Stradlater it was just not what he had expected and wanted it to be his way. Which is also a childish way to handle because he is a child. Same to Holden, he want’s to be an adult he should have thought that all the way through and said to Stradlater, “…

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