Holden Is The Only Dynamic Character Through The Novel Essays

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Holden- Holden is the only dynamic character through the novel. He is the only character who changes. To understand why Holden acts the way he does is because of family. Many of Holden 's troubles did not start until after his younger brother Allie died. Holden throughout the book "talks" to Allie when he finds himself in very depressed times. He fills this hole with his sister Phoebe. At the beginning the reader sees Holden as one of the worst students, a student who does not apply themselves to any type of work. He has been kicked out of school time and time again. HIs character battles with himself a great deal. As the story continues, Holden seems to find more of himself and realizes what he should do. He grows to go back home (and not run away) and face his parents. He is soon to be introduced into a new school, although he does not want to attend, in the fall. I personally did not find Holden as an appealing character. I found him arrogant, somewhat bipolar, critical of others and unimpressive.

Phoebe- Phoebe is more of a static character. She does not change her ways in the story. She starts out as a vague image in the readers head as Holden explains how marvelous his younger sister is. As the novel continues the reader finds that Phoebe is exactly as Holden described, sometimes snobby, sweet, kind, and very caring. She is the light in the story, she is Holden 's sunshine. She is what makes him sane. I believe that she adds the essential goodness to a book that I…

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