Holden Caulfield Essay

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Dan Miller Catcher in the Rye Analysis Holden Caulfield almost seems like the ideal teenager, in our culture. He completely rejects the idea of growing up.His unhappiness, and his way of showing it, makes him relate with readers who come from backgrounds completely different from his. It is tempting to dwell in his point of view and his weirdness rather than try to figure out what is wrong with him. There are clear signs that Holden is troubled and unpredictable. He is hospitalized. He fails out of four schools. He lacks enthusiasm toward his future. He is unable to connect with other people. He has had two tragedies in his past that clearly have something to do with his sanity. The death of his brother Allie and the suicide of one …show more content…
The fact that Catcher in the Rye was originally written for adults, but now has become a classic among teens and young adults, really verifies the shift in popular culture towards teens. Holden’s rebellious actions have become glorified by today’s teens. His attitude towards his contemporaries seems to be mixed feelings. He complains about them, but still claims to miss them. Teens today feel a large amount pressure to fit into a group. They have to sustain their ego by belonging to a larger identity. Holden seems to rebel against this tendency. He sets himself far apart from other at his school, via isolation, and alienation. He does not attend sporting events with the rest of the schools and while leaving he yells at all of them, “sleep tight ya morons.” Holden’s separation from the rest of society, served as a model for many subculture movements throughout the rest of the 20th century. The beat generation took on some of Holden’s rebellious attitude. They rejected modern society and consumerism. They took on a pro active urban lifestyle instead. Holden seems to reject movies and the culture surrounding them. Holden instead enjoys literature. The book does not really touch on the musical tastes of Holden. Today’s teens contradict Holden on views of art and media. Teens embrace all sorts of music and cinema. However, rebellious teens prefer independent projects, and reject mass corporation creations.

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