Holden Caulfield 's The Great Gatsby Essay

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Despite Holden Caulfield’s abundance of struggles, his younger sister Phoebe manages to level his head whenever he is around her. As a result, her minor character emphasizes the distinctive traits of said protagonist. Phoebe Caulfield instills in Holden the desire for innocence and purity within those among him. Phoebe is described as pretty and extraordinarily smart. Whenever Holden discusses Phoebe, he has nice things to say about her and he looks up to her personality. Even her qualities that could be considered negative to some, he turns into positivity. She is the nice version of the bad things in life. We receive an insight as to who Holden really is through the interactions he has with Phoebe. It is evident that he is very fond of her as a kid sister when he says “I certainly felt like taking to her on the phone. Somebody with sense and all” (Salinger 66). This keys in with the fact that Holden calls most people ‘phony’ and ‘lousy’. Everyone he talks to tends to make no sense in conversation which angers him. However, with Phoebe he can relate to what she speaks and confides in her. Holden views her as more mature than others because she connects on the logic level with him. This ties in with ‘making sense’ because he has a short temper with most people due to the lack thereof. Phoebe, even though young, has the most plentiful amount of sense that Holden encounters through all the minor characters.
The sensibility Phoebe contains in Holden’s eyes intertwines with…

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