Holden Caulfield Red Hunting Hat Analysis

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“ I put on this hat that I’d bought in New York that moring. It was this red hunting hat, with one of those very, very long peaks. “ ( Salinger 24 ) In J.D. Salinger's masterpiece, The Catcher in the Rye, Salinger creates Holden Caulfield. A sixteen year old boy from an upper class family with high society standards, which he despises. All the phoniness that comes with it, but one of Holden's escapes from this reality is his red hunting hat. The reader will find out how Holdens reliance on his red hunting hat means more than protecting his ears from the cold.
Holden's new red hunting hat is slowly becoming a part of him. “ What I did was, I pulled the old peak of my hunting hat around to the front, then pulled it way down over my eyes. “ ( Salinger 29 ) This is one of many quotes, showing that Holden is feeling shy and insecure because he is isolating himself from society. He shows us how he feels by positioning his hat in a certain way. When Holden tends to get nervous, he pulls the hat to the front to cover his face. Holden usually does this because he is antisocial when he is around people and uses the hat as Harry Potter uses the invisibility cloak.
The reader may note that whenever Holden moves the peak of his
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Salinger has created in his novel, The Catcher in the Rye. Salinger talks about Holden's journey with a red hunting hat that he had bought in New York City, and how he went from an immature schoolboy to a mature adolescent who is figuring out life one hat adjustment at a time. Throughout the novel, we the reader can see through Holden's reactions just with a simple adjustment of the hat which speaks louder than words. At times it is good to read between the lines to fully grasp and understand what the author is trying to say through symbolic elements to the readers. It can really help the reader to understand a little bit more about the main character or the book itself to really appreciate the novel one

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