Holden Caulfield By F. D. Salinger Essay

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Adulthood Holden Caulfield, the main protagonist, in J. D. Salinger contemporary novel “the Catcher in the Rye” has a much more deeper character than what he reveals. Holden is a seventeen-year-old boy who writes down his past journey in New York City when he was sixteen. The readers get a commentary on his thoughts and dialogue throughout his time in New York. The audience therefore has unique insight on Holden’s personality, relationships, and actions. Beginning with an of Holden’s personality, the readers have to decide how much of what Holden is writing is truth or a modified version of truth that Holden tells. This complication was brought to the audience’s attention when Holden says “I’M THE MOST TERRIFIC LIAR” (Salinger 19). The author sends a message to the readers, foreshadowing the unreliability of Holden’s memory. The audience receives information on characters and events that occur through a biased filter. Holden’s commentary retains additional information or exaggerated details, resulting in an unreliable assessment of what occurred. Holden’s bias becomes most prevalent when he recalls encounters with other characters. His description of their actions create an undesirable image for the reader. Such as Holden’s encounter with the three ladies at the club. The problem begins because Holden is the only source of information on those women. The probability of Holden altering information becomes a factor during a reading. Holden describes the women as phonies…

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