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BIS3324 Information Requirements for Strategic Decision Making | Holcim Sri-Lanka. | Raveesha Tennakoon/ Janani Fernando/ Hashen Peiris |

Statement of Originality of Submitted Work
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From its origins in Switzerland, the Group has grown into a global company with market presence in over 70 countries on all continents. The Group employs some 90,000 people. Holcim initiated production of cement in 1912 in the village of Holder bank, (Lenzburg district, Canton of Aargau, ca. 40 km from Zürich) and used the name Holder bank AG until 2001 when they changed it to Holcim from Holder bank and cement. It is currently (2010) the largest cement manufacturer in the world, just ahead of Lafarge.
1.2 Management Group Holcim in Sri Lanka
Holcim (Lanka) Ltd * Chairman - Manilal Fernando * CEO - Stefan Huber * Vice President, Finance & Controls - Rajesh Surana * Vice President, Marketing & Sales - VirajGunasekara * Vice President, Manufacturing - Pascal Paijens * Vice President, HR & Corporate - Prasad Piyadigama * General Manager, Geocycle - AselaIddawela

The below figure is the most prestigious soccer tournament which is conducted in Sri Lanka the Holcim F. A. Cup

Figure 1: Holcim Management.
1.3 Vision
“To be the leading and preferred supplier of cement and related building materials to build foundations for Sri Lanka's future.”
(Holcim 2010)
1.4 Mission
“To be Sri Lanka's most respected and attractive company - creating value for all our stakeholders.”
(Holcim 2010) Please refer to the mission statement under the appendix
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As the first agent company increase lots of remunerations such as Technology leadership, control over resources, low switching cost. So can be target for larger customer base. * Strong infrastructure since cement is an important requirement for all the constructions. Because of the strong infrastructure they gain lots of value chain benefits, by this means switching to a new strategies is an easy thing for the Holcim. * Strong Island distribution network and also overseas. * Enhanced customer pleasure through excellence customer service. To be the pioneer in the market, board played an excellent role to make sure the customer feedback is excellent and to make it top. * Many consumers like to use Holicm cement since it the at the most market leader in the market. * Skilled and keen management team. With a trained and passionate team. Very treasured for companies that implement complex strategically projects based on routes completed by teams of workers. Because the company is a multinational company spreading many countries. And most of the time sharing knowledge with each other plantations such as seminars and workshops

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