Hofstede 's Masculinity Versus Femininity Between Australia And Sri Lanka

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Hofstede’s Masculinity Versus Femininity Between Australia and Sri Lanka Introduction
The purpose of this report is to make more understanding of dimension cultures in other countries for businessmen in communicating between countries and countries as it is very essential to acknowledge different cultural background. So they will be able to avoid any conflicts and be convenient for them to run their own business or in workplace if they happen to work with foreigners. As the report was extracted from Geert Hofstede, which is about the status of masculinity and femininity between Australia and Sri Lanka, it will change the perception of Australian businessmen in communicating in business. Furthermore, from Geert Hofstede’s research, it was not only mentioned masculinity and femininity, but also cultural dimensions such as power distance, individualism, uncertainty avoidance, long-term orientation and indulgence in Sri Lanka to release more understanding in cross cultural communication for running business successfully.
Discussion and Analysis
The ‘dimensions of culture’ theory of Professor Geert Hofstede, which is the potential framework for cross-cultural communication, is about determining people from different cultural background due to their different concepts. It is relevant to people’s particular behaviour and is conducted by using factor analysis to specify those cultural dimensions. The difference dimension between Masculinity and Femininity from Professor Geert…

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