Hoffman V Radiologist : Informed Consent Essay

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Hoffman V Radiologist
Informed consent is a form which the patient signs stating he or she understands the procedure in which the physician will perform. In order for a patient to sign this consent, he/she must be competent, aware, fully educated on the procedure, have understanding of risks involved, and be over the age of eighteen. Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman went to the hospital where Mrs. Hoffman was admitted for an arteriogram. Mrs. Hoffman has an early onset of Alzheimer’s and Mr. Hoffman is in a frantic state. Mr. Hoffman is an individual whom could be considered competent but because he is in a state of panic and is most likely not thinking straight, he more than likely is not competent enough at this time to fill out an informed consent. Mrs. Hoffman is not considered competent enough to fill out an informed consent and understand the depths of the procedure the doctor wants to perform due to her onset of Alzheimer’s as her levels of understanding fluctuate. Neither Mr. nor Mrs. Hoffman is in a proper frame of mind to understand the physician as well as the procedure and risks. Their immediate family was contacted so an informed consent can be obtained by a competent family member.
Since there are multiple physicians who rotate shifts at the hospital and are employed by Pinehurst Radiology Group, the physicians are considered independent contractors to the hospital. Dr. Lina is the physician who was chosen to work the shift the Mrs. Hoffman was in the hospital and…

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