Hobbes 's State Of Nature Essay

2003 Words Dec 8th, 2016 9 Pages
In “Leviathan”, Thomas Hobbes favored absolute monarchy as the best government for human beings. Hobbes support for an absolute monarchy is heavily influenced by his philosophical views of human nature. This essay will describe the relationship between humans in Hobbes’s state of nature and describe why an absolute monarchy is the best government for Hobbes’s account of humanity. I will also compare and contrast the accounts of humanity between John Locke and Martha Nussbaum to show the effect that an account of humanity has on political philosophy. In this paper, I will discuss the accounts of humanity between Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and Martha Nussbaum to show how these ideas are the building blocks that shape their arguments for their choice of government most appropriate for humans.
Hobbes understanding of human life explains why he believes that absolute sovereignty is the government best suited for human beings. Hobbes believes that human beings are physical objects or machines with functions and activities that can be explained in mechanistic terms. Hobbes describes this best in the first line of the book when he states, “Concerning the thoughts of a man, I will consider them first singly, and afterwards in train, or dependence upon one another.” (Leviathan Chapter 1 pg6) Hobbes also believes that human beings are psychological egoists. Where human beings act only in his or her own self-interest without regard for others. This egocentric outlook between humans in…

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