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1) Discuss the training requirements for Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAS).

Higher level teaching assistants (HLTAS) have a variety of training requirements to adhere to for example numerical and literacy skills up to NVQ level 2 which ensures that they are able and confident in what they are teaching. HLTAS should also have a broad knowledge of learning strategies from independent to group within the curriculum to allow a pupil to fulfil their potential. HLTAS should also have a solid knowledge of the curriculum along with skills in curriculum development and delivery this is to allow HLTAS to be able to teach to a high standard and be aware of what a pupil needs to do to get them to move up a sub level or level in different
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Which in turn helps them to see where they need to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding in a variety of different areas, furthermore to help HLTAS decide what skills, knowledge and understanding they will need to progress in their career and for contentious professional development. The HLTA role is at the centre of the national occupational standards for supporting teaching and learning, with the standards reflecting the larger scope of responsibilities that the role now holds. Many standards are relevant to my job role with tasks beyond the level one job description, such as, working with children who have special educational needs, implementing IEP’S and Behaviour plans being undertaken along with a new amount of paperwork such as annual reviews for statemented children and the uptake of APP and target framework for example despite the task and descriptor ‘Monitor pupil’s responses to learning activities and accurately record achievement/progress as directed and Provide detailed and regular feedback to teachers on pupils achievement, progress, problems etc.’ (Veronica, W :2003) being on a level 2/3 job description it is usually undertaken by many level 1 teaching assistants.

3) How do Higher Level Teaching Assistants support children in schools? HLTAS support children in a variety of ways in the school community, for example a Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTAS) assess the needs of a child which can be

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