Hlawn Kip Tlem's Success Through Failure Essay

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Success through failures

Hlawn Kip Tlem. She was once a SHS cardinal and now working as an assistant accountant at BKD,LLP. BKD, formerly known as Baird, Kurtz & Dobson, is one of the top 10 accounting companies in the United States. Tlem got Bachelor of science degree in accounting, summa cum laude, from University of Evansville in May 2015 with an Outstanding Senior Service Award. This award is giving to only one female and one male graduating seniors from the entire school.
Compared to her achievements, Tlem’s earlier life wasn 't that smooth. Tlem arrived USA seven years ago in 2007, from Malaysia and started her freshman year at SHS. Life was tough for her back then since she couldn’t speak English and wasn’t familiar with the new education system. She once got F in one of her classes. It wasn’t until her senior year when she learned about the differences between regular classes and honor, AP, or DC classes.
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In order to go to college, I need money. To have money, what should I do? Those are the things students should consider,” Tlem said.
Tlem’s short term goals includes self-improving everyday, learn what the professional life looks like and study how industries work. Her long-term goal is to get a higher position at her job. She really want to focus on her job as an assistant accountant and study her work environment, and she has no plan to continue higher college degree right now.
Bockelman said he would use Tlem as a reference to encourage newcomers and say that she is a person who was in the similar situation. Because she worked hard and stayed dedicated, she has a great job now, and she gonna be doing just fine for the rest of her life. Bockelman also mentioned that he has a lot of dedicated students to their learning just like Tlem.
“I’m gonna use her as an example of it is possible everybody can… everybody start at the same place and everybody can finish at the same place,” Bockelman

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