Hiv Is A Global Public Health Issue Essay

997 Words Jan 19th, 2016 4 Pages
Human immunodeficiency virus known as HIV, is the virus that carries AIDS. AIDS is the acquired immunoefieceny syndrome, this disease started to become known in the 1980’s. According to David Heitz “ More than 1,000,000 people currently have the disease today in the US” This disease is a failure to the immune system, making the body not able to fight off this disease. This disease is known as to be a global public issue, due to this being a global disease, and having no cure. This disease has killed over millions, and will continue to do as the statistics go up. Developing counties have a better advantage then developed countries of surviving HIV. There are ways to prevent this disease, but HIV is a disease that is in desperate need of a vaccine. Everybody around the world has HIV, but with the help of healthy behavior choices we can prevent this disease from spreading. HIV is a global public health issue because it is a deadly disease. This disease has been around for some time now, and still no vaccine has been announced. It can be transmitted without any type of symptoms to show. According to Margarite Nathe “35 million people who live with HIV today don’t even know they’re HIV-positive”, this puts many others at risk of getting HIV. This leads to more deaths in the world of up to “20 million” deaths within a decade. Global statics for HIV is very high, it is known to kill more people then the chicken pox. AIDS have killed over 20 million people mostly being in…

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