Essay on Hiv And The Body 's Natural Defense System

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Virus In the early 1800’s two scientists by the name of Friedrich Loeffler and Paul Frosch discovered an infected particle in which was smaller than any bacteria and would soon be known all around the world as a virus (Emiliani, C. 1993). Viruses are the causes of a huge number of diseases in humans. Such as, small pox, a common cold, chicken pox, influenza, shingles, herpes, polio, rabies, and AIDS. These are only some of the viral infections. In some cases, cancer may up rise from the virus, but it is not very common. (Emiliani, C. 1993)
Human immunodeficiency virus, HIV, is one the world’s most fatal illnesses. (Regents of the University of California) It is a virus in which attacks the Immune system, also known as the body’s natural defense system. HIV is a complex group of the family Retroviridae also known as Lentiviruses (“Bacteria and Viruses”, Rogers). If the body has no strong immune system, it will be very unlikely to fight the disease off. Both the virus and infection are known as HIV. (©2005-2016 WebMD, LLC.) There are 2 different types of HIV; the first one is HIV-1 which is the leading cause of most of the cases of AIDS in the all-around world. The other type HIV-2 is very similar to AIDS and is very unusual in North America. Normally, the immune system makes white blood cells and antibodies that will attack and kill off the unwanted viruses and bacteria. The impurity fighting cells are called T-cell lymphocytes. Varying months…

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