Essay about Hiv And Its Impact On The Lives Of People Living With Hiv

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HIV continues to be a problem throughout the years despite the advances of modern medicine. Scientists believed that “the virus came from a specie of chimpanzees found in Africa, which passed on the virus to humans when they were hunted for food” (, 2016). This epidemic has claimed the lives of many all over the world. While presently there exists no cure, there are medications that treats this disease. A healthy lifestyle combined with treatment can prolong the lives of people living with HIV. Despite the challenges, the healthcare system has been able to continue to have a positive impact on the population. Through extensive and ongoing education many lives can be saved and people will be able to live longer.
Since the discovery of HIV there has been tremendous strides in education as well as medicine. Scientist have made advances in researching the disease and medicine to the treat the virus. Despite this, there are people who do not know enough or understand the facts about this disease. It remains a taboo and there are many myths and people continue to live in fear. HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. This virus affects humans by “destroying the immune system specifically the T4 cells” (, 2016).
The virus is transmitted via a communicable disease chain. “Humans act as a reservoir for the virus. Transmission is made possible when there is the exchange of body fluids from an HIV infected person (reservoir) to another person (susceptible host)”…

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