Hiv / Aids Public Health Policies Essay

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HIV/AIDS Public Health Policies
The devastating impact of HIV/AIDS is experienced throughout the world. In order to conduct an in-depth examination of public health policies regarding this disease, the nations of Egypt and Tanzania were selected. These nations were chosen as while they are both located in the continent of Africa, they possess dramatically different rates of occurrence of HIV/AIDS. The prevalence of HIV as the percent of population ages 15-49 years of age in 2014 for Egypt is .1% while the identical demographic for Tanzania is 5.1% (Worldbank, 2014). Yet in comparison, both countries have been dealing with HIV/AIDS for a similar length of time. The first case of HIV/AIDS in Egypt was diagnosed in 1986 (Aziz, 2014). Just three years earlier the first case occurred in Tanzania (Avert, 2012).
TRANSMISSION OF HIV/AIDS The urban vs. rural segment affected varies significantly between these two nations. In Tanzania, according to Avert (2012), “ there exists a prevalence gap between wealthier urban groups and poorer rural communities” (p. 1). The highest occurrence rate existed among the wealthiest households and, in particular, among wealthy women when compared to rural households of far less economic means. (Avert, 2012). This same source notes that this discrepancy occurs because women with more income possess the ability to travel resulting in wider sexual networks thus enabling them to have multiple…

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