Essay about Hiv / Aids Clinical Report

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More than thirty years after the first HIV/AIDS clinical report, the disease continues to be one of the deadliest diseases in human history (AIDS, 2016). From the start of this epidemic until now, over 60 million people have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and unfortunately, and estimated 30 million have lost their lives (AIDS, 2016). Both men and women are at risk of contracting the insidious infection, yet, this major health issue is particularly prevalent amongst women between the reproductive ages of 15-49 years (AIDS, 2016). Given the disturbing title of being ‘women’s biggest killer’, recent research identified that 16 million women are currently living with the disease and sadly, 1000 are diagnosed each day (WebMD, 2016). The disease is often intertwined with the violation of women’s rights, as the powerful influence of patriarchal systems built in social, biological and cultural conditions dictate how many women are treated (Afao, 2015). These gender attitudes which stem back from another time may very well be the impelling cause behind the issue.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is an incurable and deadly disease- once contracted, the sufferer has it for life (AIDS, 2016). Leaving bodies defenseless, the virus causes progressive failure of the immune system while destroying the body’s cells; once weakened the body is more susceptible to infections and cancer (Avert, 2016). Unfortunately, most people diagnosed with HIV later develop acquired immunodeficiency…

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