Hiv / Aids : A Short Form For Human Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

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Chronic illness, is a long term health condition that may not have a cure.The chronic illness that I have chosen to write about is HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS which is the short form for human acquired immune deficiency syndrome, can be spread by having sex or sharing syringes and other injection equipment with someone who is infected with HIV. The viral can also be transmitted by the exchange of cell-containing bodily fluids, especially semen and blood.
According to report, there are currently an estimated 33.3 million people world wide living with HIV/AIDS. 30.8 million of these people are adults,2.5million are children younger than 15 and 17.3 are women (UNAIDS, 2010)
When people are diagnosed with this illness, they become depressed because they see it as a death sentence. Some people just give up and refuse to do what the doctor advice them to do. some of the things that are expected for people with this illness to do is eat healthy, take the medication regularly, and make sure that the drugs are kept in the refrigerator because most of the drugs used to fight this infection, must be refrigerated. They are also expected to reduce their contact with infected needles and change their sexual activity(Kalichman& Grebler, 2010). Practicing save sex has a lot to do with behavior and lifestyle that leads to the management of this infection. if people practice save sex by not having multiple sexual partners and also having protected sex, they are less likely to be affected with aids…

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