Essay on Hiv / Aids : A Huge Problem Around The World

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HIV and AIDS are a huge problem around the world. HIV/AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease that attacks the immune system. Many people around the world do not even know that they have the HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS was a huge epidemic back in 1981 and people thought it was just limited to the gay community, but now in 2010, it is a pandemic between all genders and is not as big as a deal as it used to be. The HIV/AIDS virus has changed a lot from 1981 to now. In 1981, HIV/AIDS was considered a huge epidemic that would kill someone once they got it. According to Thomas Treadwell, MD author of “Physician Focus: HIV/AIDS, then and now,” in 1981, people had no idea what was causing the disease and most patients who got it would think they would die within weeks or months. All that people knew about AIDS was it was a disease that attacked the immune system. “The CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report on that date reported an outbreak of 26 deaths in previously healthy gay men who were developing strange tumors and a very unusual lung infection.” This quote shows that no one knew what the disease was, but they thought it was just the gay community that developed this disease. An “Infographic: HIV/AIDS- Then and Now” published by the magic john foundation, Arthur Ashe Learning Center and article by Jennifer Wall, found on the website shows that in 1981, HIV/AIDS was considered a death sentence because there was no treatment or medication for the disease. “Patients…

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