Summary Of Marc Kilgour

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This novel takes place deep inside Nazi Germany at the time when things were at its worst. 1942 was one of the darkest years our world has come to see. Not only was it looking as if the axis powers were bound to win the war but also the first horrific details came to life from survivors from the terrible prison camps. Many of the people the reader encounters in this novel are living terrible day to day lives and are too scared to put up a fight. The people with any sort of significant powers are usually very cruel and try to make others life miserable. The culture created by the Nazis is a culture of terror driven by fear and brutality.

The novel opens in Frankfurt, may 1942. Marc Kilgour, the main character is aged fifteen and is in a Nazi labour camp. Marc comes off as a normal lad, but the truth is that he 's an orphan that was then recruited by an english spy organization named Cherub. Because he is well educated he has a job of filling documents. With this job he is able to forge documents and arrange an escape for himself and his his two best friends at the camp. His two friends are able to escape but Marc is sent back to the prison camp. It
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Not only is Mark forced to wo rk between nine and twelve hours a day Mark is also living in a complete absence of an hygiene. Here is an example of the complete lack of hygiene the prisoners where forced to live in: “Leonard said everyone got sick in this job. He reckoned the first few weeks were worst for picking up infections because you gradually built up immunity. The big long-term danger was exposure to chemicals in the factory run off.” In my eyes the graphic depiction of the horrific living conditions, such as this one, “‘Losing all my nails,’ Leonard said, proving his point by peeling back a yellowed thumbnail that flipped up like a car door.” is one of the many reasons this passage emerges over

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