Essay about Hitler 's Views On Adolf Hitler

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Starting at the beginning of time, people have had ideals and ways to perfect what they have seen as wrong or unethical. Adolf Hitler was a man who had strong ideals of a perfect society, which included the removal of anyone seen as the opposite. His strong views affected most of the people around him, changing the lives of countless people. Adolf Hitler, was a German nationalist, whose name is associated with the terrors of the Holocaust, his ideals for a pure German race, and his efforts for a non-democratic Germany. Adolf Hitler had been taught social Darwinism at a young age. His father also forced his own views on his children. During this time period, schools taught Teutonic nationalism and had a strong emphasis on the survival of the fittest. “By the age of sixteen, Hitler had become what he was to be until his death a fanatical German nationalist.” (Brockington). After his father died, Adolf did not complete school. He dropped out and moved to Vienna, where he lived in poverty, in attempts to be accepted to a fine arts college, but living there only further corrupted his mind. “The Vienna in which he lived was a veritable hotbed of anti-Semitism” (Brockington). When World War I broke out, he quickly volunteered. This would later be seen as the beginning of his idealism.
Adolf Hitler served in the first World War. He had a strong need to please his superiors and was seen as invincible to his fellow soldiers. However, he was later wounded by a shell fragment and…

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