Essay on Hitler 's Rise Of Power During World War I And II

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Looking back at the events that occurred during our history, particularly during World War I and II, many of the people often reflect back and ask the question, ‘Who let a man like Hitler come into power or what made the German people decide to follow him? The seeds of Hitler 's rise to power were planted following the outcome of the First World War. Hitler’s rise to power was not inevitable. It depended heavily on a range of factors, events and circumstances. Hitler’s rise to power can be attributed to many factors but arguably the most significant factors were the Great Depression, the fall of Germany’s economy, his oratory skills and the propaganda used to confirm his supremacy over the people of Germany.
Mostly known today for his unforgettable deeds that he committed throughout his lifetime, Adolf Hitler, one of the most effective and powerful tyrants of the twentieth century, and the world as we know it, managed to take his fairly unknown self within a few years to become the major leader of Germany during a time of crisis. One man had the power to manipulate an entire government, legal system and acquired complete power over an entire nation. Hitler himself started his political career in 1919 in the wake of a lost war and the crushing peace of Versailles (Schwabe 864). The collapse of the German economy was a leading factor that allowed Hitler to come into power. Unemployment rates were slowly escalating and the German people were eager to find help, whether…

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