Essay Hitler 's Power Of The Nazi Party

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12. The Sturmabteilung, also known as the Brownshirts, was the organization Adolf Hitler created to protect the Nazi Party from potential dangers at assemblies, but later began to disrupt rival parties’ meetings and to intimidate voters, Nazi opponents, and Jews in the streets. They were known as the Brownshirts because from the founding in 1921, the organization utilized brown shirts as their uniforms, as they were easily obtainable. The founding itself was controversial, as the Treaty of Versailles banned military organizations. By the time Hitler came into power in the early 1930s, this organization grew bigger than the army, as unemployment increased recruits. Possibly because of the rise in the Sturmabteilung’s power, Hitler, using the elite SS, launched the “Blood Purge” on June 30, 1934, executing dozens of leaders. Thereafter the Sturmabteilung’s power was reduced, no longer played a major role in politics.
13. Joseph Goebbels was a trusted colleague of Hitler who regulated propaganda and media of the Nazi party. Before Hitler came into power, Goebbels was pivotal in the presentation of Hitler as the savior of Germany, a brilliant and decisive leader. He also portrayed the Nazi Party in a similar manner, attracting citizens all over the country. When Hitler became the Chancellor in 1933, he appointed Goebbels as the Minister of Propaganda. At this post, Goebbels regulated the content of German media, increased anti-Semitism, unemployed Jewish artists and journalists,…

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