Hitler 's Influence On The World Essay

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Hitler was arguably one of the most influential people in the world. Showing quality

leadership traits from a young age, he moved to politics after having his dream of being an artist

was crushed. This began what most will call one of the largest scale genocides in history. Hitler

successfully eliminated over eleven million people. After attempting to follow a career in art, he

was denied entry into the art school of his choice, therefore, he went into politics and had the

vision to one day rule the world. Using political strategies, Adolf Hitler was able to manipulate

an entire nation in order to start the genocide against the Jews. He reached the highest level of

power, eventually becoming the chancellor and dictator of Germany. After helping to initiate the

start of World War II, Hitler began making mistakes in battle and committed suicide with his

Prior to Hitler becoming overwhelmed he began taking an interest in art at a young age.

In primary school, Hitler showed great intellectual potential and was extremely popular with

fellow pupils as well as being admired for his leadership qualities (Römgens). Once he reached

secondary school, however, the workload became too much and as a result stopped trying

altogether. He was not very popular at this time and even failed his exams at the age of 15. He

was required to repeat the year, but he decided to quit school as a whole, living without a formal

education. Fast forward three years to find…

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