Hitler 's Influence On The Nazi Party Essay

1896 Words May 29th, 2015 8 Pages
Adolf Hitler: a self-made man with wicked intentions; a man that ravaged his country and inflicted fear nearly all over the world. Hitler was a crafty individual, and the strengths of his party—the Nazi Party—played a significant role in his rise to power. Nazi campaigning methods combined with the excellent speaking skills of Hitler gathered a lot of attention for the Nazi Party. Furthermore, their policies and violent treatment of their opponents—Communists—appealed to businessmen, farmers and most of the population; if anyone criticized one of their policies, “they were quite likely to drop it” (Walsh 153). This allowed Hitler to appear as a man for his country. The weakness of his opponents also allowed him to prosper. The Weimar government was unable to deal with the depression that swept through Germany, and the Nazi Party’s constant criticisms of the Weimar Republicans poor control caused many to look to Hitler to provide an unwavering government. Moreover, the economic and social crises rampant at the time, allowed Hitler to be successful. Political instability frustrated the populace as they wanted a steady government. The desire to rid of the Treaty of Versailles was also a common consensus among the people as it would Germany to become a flourishing nation once again. However, I believe that the strengths of the Nazi Party were the most dominant factor that allowed Hitler to rise to power–achieving the title as Chancellor—in January 1933.

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