Hitler 's Influence On Adolf Hitler Essay

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Hannah Arendt, a political theorist, once said “The masses have to be won by propaganda.” This quote exemplifies one of the ruling methods utilized by both Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler. Joseph Stalin ruled Russia from 1924 to 1953, while Adolf Hitler ruled Germany from 1933 to 1945. Given that Joseph Stalin ruled for more years than Adolf Hitler, one may reasonably conclude that the impact of Stalin’s rule would be greater than that of Hitler. However, Hitler was much more impactful on his society as being a violent and extreme leader than others imagine. Hitler took control of Germany and made forces have unlimited power. Hitler was also notoriously known for the Holocaust and killed approximately eleven million people during his reign. The Holocaust lasted for a, short period of time yet the event killed so many people, through gas chambers, firing squads, and experimentation. Despite claims that Joseph Stalin was a more violent and extreme leader than Adolf Hitler, Hitler’s actions and decisions prove contradictory to such claims.
To comprehend the idea that Hitler was a more extreme and violent leader than Stalin was, the audience must look upon the laws Hitler bestowed on his people and took away during his reign as Führer. To clarify this point, “The Nazis began by eliminating civil rights and legal system and giving the state police force, the Gestapo, the right to arrest and imprison anyone for any reason. Laws no longer protected the citizens” (Howes 107).…

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