Hitler 's Ideology Of Jews During World War II Essay

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Adolf Hitler’s hateful ideology concerning Jewish residents in Germany began during World War II in 1939. Hitler was adamant in his beliefs that Jews were inferior to any other faith, and because of his unorthodox views he rounded up all of the Jews within Germany and exterminated them. Approximately six million women, children, and men were exterminated in the name of Hitler’s beliefs, which became known as the Holocaust. Hitler’s ideology led millions of people throughout Germany to abandon their moral views, and instead side with evil due to moral luck.
In the beginning of his reign, Hitler ordered for all of the Jews in Germany to be marked with David’s star so that others within Germany would know they were Jewish. After they were marked, Nazi’s began rounding them up and taking them to ‘ghettos’. The Jews lived in the ghettos until Hitler and his army of Nazi’s opened concentration camps within Germany. There were many concentration camps throughout Germany, but by far the worst was Auschwitz-Birkenau.
In the concentration camps, Hitler’s regime would perform routine gas exterminations in order to kill as many of the Jews as possible within a short amount of time, and the Nazi’s would also experiment on the Jews. Many of their ‘prisoners’ within the camps suffered from famine and disease, because they were rarely fed and they were forced to work and live in small enclosed barracks. Families were also separated, because men were kept in separate camps than…

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