Hitler 's Hitler Youth And The Changing Of The Education System

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Once Hitler rose to power in 1934, he began controlling every aspect of German life in order to assure his control. A major aspect upon which he had control over, was the youth. Hitler believed the indoctrination of the youth ensured continuation of his ideologies under his influence. He achieved this brainwashing through the creation of the 'Hitler Youth ' and the changing of the education system. Indoctrination is the milder and physiological means of controlling the minds of the German people; it involves the building of permanent loyalty to the regime and Nazi values. Indoctrination in Germany was specifically targeted at the youth for many reasons, the main being the simple ease. Young children and the older youth have limited perceptions on the events unfolding around them. They constantly have to depend upon their authoritative figures, making them the most vulnerable when they are left to decipher things for their own. For this very reason, Hitler targeted the youth. A translated quote from Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ and also more famously a translation of his address to the Hitler Youth in Nuremberg 1935, states that Hitler’s main aim was to create a youth that were
‘…as swift as a greyhound, as tough as leather and as hard as Krupp’s steel.’
He implied that he was more focused on military discipline rather than educational ambition. Hitler wanted to achieve violent, unafraid youth who were able to suffer pain – whether it be physical or emotional.
Hitler craved…

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