Essay about Hitler 's First Part Of His Master Plan

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Before 1933 the German Jewry were a group of people who had highly respected Jobs and really felt like they were part of the German culture. However over the years the tyrannical leader Hitler managed to transform these people from a group of highly respected people into a group of pathetic scum. He succeeded in this plan by executing three main points.

Hitler’s first part of his master plan was to isolate the Jews in every way possible. He managed to do this by getting his Nazi’s to attack Jews in many different ways. His nazi storm troopers would attack Jews in the streets of Berlin. Normally gangs of five up to thirty people ended up attacking one Jew. An english journalist who had seen some of these attacks describe the people as beaten “until blood streamed down their heads and faces and their backs and shoulders were bruised. Many fainted and were left lying on the street.” However there wasn’t just physical attacks on Jews. Many storm troopers also attacked the Jews in a more economical way by standing in front of Jewish owned stores protesting things like “German people, defend yourselves. Don’t buy from Jews.” They would also paint anti-semitic symbols and slogans on the store windows. Additionally if someone dared to shop in a Jewish shop they would be shamed and often harmed. The nazis then continued to launch other attacks known as a cultural attacks on the Jews. This was done by grabbing many books who were written by Jews or opposed the Nazis and creating a…

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