Hitler 's First Opportunity During The Presidential Election Of 1932

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Before Hitler could become such an influential dictator, he needed to find his opportunity to infiltrate the political minds of Germany. Hitler’s first opportunity was in the Presidential Election of 1932 against Paul von Hindenburg. Unfortunately Hitler did not win the presidency, but this was not a total lost for him. The election revealed to Hitler that he was in fact very well received and liked by the majority of Germans, it also revealed the popularity and growth of the Nazi party. Hitler’s break through opportunity came when he was appointed as Reich Chancellor. Franz von Papen hoped by making Hitler chancellor it would “Box him in with his aristocratic conservative ministerial crew” (41). Contrary to what Papen believed, Hitler took advantage of his new position and exploited the death of Hindenburg. Next, he would combine the power given to the chancellor and the president and declare himself Fuhrer, the supreme leader of German. Thus making Hitler successful at achieving total dictatorship over Germany. Now, that Hitler was in power he wanted to expand the German territory into a potential “Empire”. Before Hitler would be able to expand his nation he would first have to reverse the effects the Treaty of Versailles had on the people of Germany. The Treaty was considered one of the most humiliating moment for Germany, many Germans felt the Treaty of Versailles was an insult and therefore regard it as a Diktat, a dictated peace (46). Adolf Hitler vowed that he would…

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