Hitler 's Art Of Manipulation Essay

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Hitler’s Art of Manipulation The art of manipulation has been used throughout all of human history as a means of political advancement, from Anthony and Cleopatra to Castro’s dictatorship. Similarly, the rise of Adolf Hitler as the Chancellor of Germany is also a manipulative one, encompassing the whole gallery of deception, exploitation, and abuse. Hitler gained power of Germany not only because of the magnetism of his public oration, but because of his maneuvering and domination of the Nazi party through blackmail, bribery, and extortion, which helped to secure his virtually unmitigated control of the German government. Adolf Hitler did not simply rise to the position of Chancellor of Germany overnight. Before Hitler, Chancellors in the German government did not possess such great power as he. A Chancellor simply held a seat in the government, but Hitler changed the dynamics of the position, commanding power and leadership like none before. For instance, he passed the Enabling Act, giving the Chancellor the ability to introduce any law without consulting Parliament. This change in the role of the Chancellor skewed the course of the rest German history, thereby manipulating the votes, people, and other members of the government to create a global superpower that would take an army to neutralize. Adolf Hitler was not seen as such a tyrant at the beginning. After World War I ended, he was still being treated in a hospital as a result of a gassing by the British Air Force.…

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