Hitler 's Anti Semitism And The Nazi Party Essay

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Hitler’s anti-Semitism took root in the Nazi party and contributed to their policies and attacks against the Jews. It is clear within his writings in Mein Kampf, that Hitler believed that he would be fighting for a just cause and protecting the world from the Jewry. Hitler stated “I believe myself to be acting in the sense of the Almighty creator: by defending myself against the Jew I fight for the Lord’s work.” This fight against the Jew became part of Nazi ideology and was embraced by the German people. Social Darwinism and racial superiority also became part of the Nazi ideology. This is evident in a speech made by Himmler to the SS on April 24, 1943 where he stated that they “were the first to really answer the race problem by action, by the race problem we naturally did not mean anti-Semitism.” Himmler was referring to the action of the extermination of Jews in death camps that spread throughout Nazi occupied Europe. Intentionalists argue that Hitler’s plan from the beginning was to get rid of the Jews which is why they believe that the Holocaust originated with him. It was very early on when Hitler stated that “the ultimate, unshakable aim must be the complete removal of the Jews.” It was essential for him to achieve this as it was his ultimate goal. Thus, by transforming his ideas into the ideology of a party which gained massive following, he was almost successful at removing Jews from German society. The holocaust would not have been able to occur without the…

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