Essay about Hitler 's A World Power

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Hitler lived by this famous quote that he wrote in Mein Kampf , “Germany must be a world power, or there will be no Germany.” Hitler always had this sense of taking over Germany but it’s not so clear as to if he intended a World War. Did he just want to take over Poland, or did he simply just want to take some land for Germany? Ever since Germany’s huge defeat during World War I, and Germany’s weak government, the Weimar Republic, wasn’t doing well. This allowed room for some changes, and the rise of a potential new leader, and so, things began to change in January of 1933, when Hitler was first appointed chancellor over the German government. Hitler promised the German people a better life, and more opportunities, and appealed to everyone and that is why he was so loved by everybody. In 1936 Hitler violated some of the terms of the Treaty of Versailles by remilitarizing the Rhineland, and which stated that there should be peace between Germany and the allied powers. Two years later in 1938, he annexed Austria and Czechoslovakia. Hitler wasn’t getting that much military response because of Britain’s policy of appeasement. A year later in August of 1939, Hitler signed the nonaggression pact with the Soviet Union, which stated that Poland was to be divided up between the two powers, allowing Germany to attack Poland, without the fear of the Soviet Union engaging. On September 1st, 1939, Hitler came up with a method known as the blitzkrieg, to invade Poland. Two days later, on…

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