Hitler As A Leader Of The German Nazis Essay examples

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When people think of villains in the real world, the first person who would most likely be thought of first is Hitler. As the leader of the German Nazis, it is obvious that he would be an abominable human being, putting thousands of millions of people through torture, or ultimately, death. But what people don’t realize is that Stalin, who had agreed to work with Hitler at some point during World War II, had put his own people through pain and suffering. Although the world remembers Hitler as the most villainous man in possibly part of the darkest time in our history, many tend to forget that Stalin was equally despicable or perhaps worse. Putting many of his people through starvation, killing hundreds in purges, and altering his image so people will both fear and respect him are only a few of the atrocities that Stalin committed. Hitler was able to come to power by promising to keep his people out of bankruptcy and made sure to provide his people with safety and protection in return of their effort. In contrast, Stalin was so paranoid of rebellions and revolutions that he made his people suffer through Holodomor, which translated means ‘death by hunger’. Stalin introduced a program that installed collectivization farms, which would help the economy. In response, many Ukrainian farmers refused, and Stalin saw this as an act of rebellion. “At the same time, successful, well off-farmers, labelled kulaks (according to the Soviet regime, these were exploiters of poorer…

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