Free Essay: The Reign Of Adolf Hitler

The Reign of Adolf Hitler
Although he dint practice religion openly, Hitler certainly believed in God. He was raised in a catholic setting and even went to a monastery school. His main ambition as a young boy was to become a priest. He got most of his ideas from the Bible, and most certainly, from the Christian Social movement. Even though he opposed certain priests who opposed him for political reasons, he never stopped believing in God and his country. Hitler believed the Christian feeling points to Jesus Christ as a fighter. It depicts Jesus as the man who when in times of loneliness with his disciples recognized that the main problem of the world was the Jews and even called upon men to fight against them. This acted as proof that he was acting rightly in eradicating the Jews (Baynes,
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Hitler did not have to parade his belief in God, as most Christians currently do. He even dint even have to justify his disbelief in atheism. He took his beliefs for granted just as most people did at that time. His major ambition was politics and not religion. Using both his political and religious reasoning, he managed to set up a German Reich Christian Church, in 1933, this was a union of the protestant churches with the aim of instilling faith in Germany. Though Hitler to a little extent still believed in the power of Catholicism, he totally despised its teachings which he believed when followed strictly would lead to the achievement of human failure. Hitler is believed to have been a rationalist and a materialist who had no feeling for the spiritual or emotional aspects of human existence. He dint believed in either God or his conscience (Bullock, 1990). Similar to Napoleon, Hitler used religion in defense of his own myths but eventually shared with Joseph Stalin similar materialist outlook based on the rationalists ' belief that the advancement in science would replace all myths and had even proved already that the doctrines of Christianity could

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