Hitler and Hitler Youth Essay

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This essay is going to take you back into the times of your grandparents and for some of you maybe even your great-grandparents. Lets go back to the years of Adolf Hitler. Why was he who he was and what made him that way? Did something happen to him in his younger years and why did he have such hatred towards the Jewish? Also what was his purpose for the Hitler Youth? Another question to ask yourself is can one person change the world and if so, how? I believe that one person can change the world, some for the good and some for the bad. Hitler did change the world in more ways than one. He opened up peoples eyes to things never guessed of and showed cruelty that made him an image of fear. If you are asking how did he change the world, he …show more content…
In The American People, Seventh Edition, Hitler's book is described as, "A long, rambling book spelling out his theories of racial purity, his hopes for Germany, and his venomous hatred of the Jews." (2) In his autobiography, he also spoke of his ideas. "Hitler's ideas included inequality among races, nations, and individuals as part of an unchangeable natural order that exalted the "Aryan race" as the creative element of mankind." (3) At first, hitler did mean some good, he was going to unite all germans, even the ones who got separated from germany in Austria, Czechoslovakia, other countries with great german populations, and Poland. We all know how it goes though with the good comes the bad. Not everyone was happy about hitler coming to the chancellor power and they did not even have a vote. Many felt betrayed by their president, Hindenburg. One person, mrs. Metelmann even made the statement, "how can hidenburg do this to us," she said. "Install gangsters in government without giving us a chance to vote on it?" (5) Many people did think that hitler would help Germany, but many did not as well. Somehow hitler won the hearts of many people especially over his radio broadcast when he said, "this time the front lines are at home," hitler told them. "unity is our tool. We are not fighting for ourselves but for Germany." (5) The unfaithful people did not stop those who did follow hitler though. In 1933, a

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