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Flautistas Association Constitution
Established 2013
Article I – Name
Section 1: The name of this organization will be the Flautistas Association at the University of Texas-Pan American (Flautistas Association at the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley as of Fall 2015).
Article II – Purpose
Section 1: The purpose of the Flautistas Association will be to inspire and enrich the community through music. Our mission is to promote music involvement, spread awareness and musical entertainment to the community, educate individuals and inspire and cultivate artistic excellence.

Article III – Membership Requirements
Section 1: Membership will be open to everyone regardless of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age,
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Article IV – Executive Board
Section 1: Term of Office A. Officers of the executive board will serve a term of one calendar year from the date of election. B. Officers will be elected two weeks prior to the end of the spring semester. C. Re-election is open for previously elected officers.
Section 2: The President will: A. Be authorized to call and supervise all Executive Board Meetings. B. Vote in case of a tie C. Counter-sign all checks, along with the Treasurer, for the expenditure of Flautistas Association funds. D. Keep a current copy of the Flautistas Association constitution as well as budget, copies of reports, correspondence, minutes and any other related materials. E. Be authorized to call an urgent/special meeting within a 3-day notice of the Flautistas Association at his/her discretion. F. Provide an itinerary to each member in the order of topics to be discussed in the meeting. G. Perform all other duties as necessary.
Section 3: The Vice-President will: A. Bring about the duties of the President in his/her absence. B. Fulfill the duties assigned to him/ her by the President. C. Perform all other duties as necessary.
Section 4: The Treasurer will: A. Prepare the fall and spring semester’s budget. B. Supervise the finances of the Flautistas Association. C. Collect all dues, fines and provide receipts. D. Receive all payments due to the Flautistas Association. E. Be responsible to

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