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Reagan/Bush Era

Reagan/Bush Era
To take a look at the past and see how it has guided the present era; look back at the Reagan-Busch era and see what they were involved in, initiated or finished while in the Oval Office. These two were President and Vice President for two terms and George Bush succeeded Reagan as the 41st President of the United States and carried on where Reagan left off. His presidency was limited to one term as most Americans felt that he was not strong enough or not able to function without President Reagan.
The Iran-Contra war was an embarrassing scandal that almost caused Reagan his presidency. The involvement of the United States in the business of supplying weapons to the enemy of the United States
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The whole affair was in theory a hostage trade gone badly by supplying our known enemy with weapons in exchange for hostages and funneling the money to Nicaragua to support and fund the Right Wing Contras in their overthrow of their leader. The Iranians were at war with the country of Iraq and saw this deal as way to help them to even the battlefield in the arena of weapons and capabilities. This affair could probably have gone for longer if the Hezbollah terrorists organization would have not decided to start kidnapping more hostages and causing the scandal to go from a clandestine mission to a public embarrassment to the United States.

George Bush the 41st President of the United States after succeeding President Reagan first had to deal with the Dictator Noriega in Panama during Operation Just Cause in 1989 after this short conflict was declared a victory for the United States. Iraqi Leader (dictator) Saddam Hussein invaded the neighboring country of Kuwait and forced President Bush’s hand on military action by the United States. President Bush tried diplomatic measures involved the League of Nations and gathered support from all over the globe to end the invasion peacefully. Saddam Hussein was accusing Kuwait of stealing oil from along the border of the two countries. President Bush and Secretary of defense Cheney were left with no options after speaking with the Leader

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