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From Oral Traditions to the Stage

Instructors: Laura E. Ellis, Kimiko Guthrie, Department of Theatre and Dance;
Ms. Guthrie’s Office Hours: Mon 1-2pm and by appointment. Email through Blackboard.
Ms. Ellis’ Office Hours: Wed 1 - 2:00p and by appointment. Email through Blackboard.

Classroom: THEA 182

This course examines dance traditions and cultures from around the world in an exploration of the human search for meaning. From ritual dances that prepare us for weddings and wars, to social dances that reinforce cultural order, to artistic dance performances that express the human condition —dance is alive and evolving where we live. In this way, it tells the story of who we are and
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You will receive several articles to read for this course, some in hard copy and others in digital format.

Videos will be viewed in class. You will sometimes receive links to youtube sites to watch for homework. All links will be posted on blackboard. All videotapes screened in class will also be available under Course Reserves, when possible.

Attendance & Classroom Activity: Each class will cover a mixture of dance activities, short lecture, class discussion, and small group projects. We will present material during lectures that is not covered in the readings, so we strongly recommend taking notes. Your attendance is required, and roll will be taken at the beginning of each class meeting. Excess absences, chronic tardiness, and early departures will adversely affect your grade.
You are responsible for what goes on in class even if you are not there. Find one or two classmates to consult for notes, missed announcements, material covered, etc. If for some reason you must arrive late to class, please come in quietly and join in the current class activity.

Attitude and Participation: Be prepared to dance in every class, and dress appropriately in comfortable clothing as you would for an exercise or dance class. Also, be ready to work with every other member of your class.

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