Essay on History of Sport

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AHE 1108 History of sport
Examine and discuss the role of women in sport in ancient Sparta
By Srdjan Vulic
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Name of lecturer: Rob Hess and Matthew Klugman
Name of tutor: Fiona McLachlan
Tutorial group: 11.30pm, Tuesday, Semester 2, 2014
Date of submission: 3rd September 2014
Sparta was a city in Ancient Greece between 650 B.C and 362 B.C which was seen to have one of the strongest soldiers and women due to their early commencement of training in tough conditions to strengthen their bodies and to toughen them up. Men were always seen as the dominant species compared to women, they were seen to be stronger and had more dominance and respect in the Olympic Games and sport. Instead of encouraging women in Greece
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Both males and females in Sparta were trained to be tough, but they were trained for different purposes. ‘Boys underwent the stage of initiation to become stronger and virtuous warriors; girls, to become wives.’ Euripides who was a writer of Greek tragedy stated in 426 B.C “A Spartan girl could not be chaste even if she wanted to. They abandon their houses to run around with young men, with naked thighs and open clothes, sharing the same racetracks and palaistrai – a situation which I found insufferable.” The rivals of the Spartans were the Athenians who were not at all impressed with the way the Spartans raised their women.
During the Ancient Olympic Games in Greece women were discouraged to participate in sports ‘Women’s sports were both uninteresting and unimportant to men.’ Men didn’t want to waste their time watching women participate in sport because they thought women were weak and not worth watching. Women were not taken seriously and were primarily used for amusement. ‘There is general agreement that participation of women in sport during the time of the empire and the republic was for entertainment and not taken seriously.’ Women were always handicapped when it came to athletic events, for example if women competed in a foot race it would be 5/6 of the distance men compete in. This was done because in Greece they believed women were much feebler than men so they made events more suitable for females. There was a festival made

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