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However, American academic Juan Cole says the word "map" doesn't appear in the original Persian quote. It has also been claimed that he said that "Israel's regime will be wiped off the map", not the actual state. On April 21, 2012, Dan Meridor, Israel's Deputy Prime Minister, was reported by the Blaze saying that President Ahmadinejad did not use the exact phrase ’Wiped off the Map’. He advocates "free elections" for the region, and believes Palestinians need a stronger voice in the region's future. Criticism of him in the West has been coupled with accusations of describing the Holocaust as a myth and of statements influenced by "classic anti-Semitic ideas," which has led to accusations of anti-Semitism, though he has denied these accusations, saying that he "respects Jews very much" and that he was not "passing judgment" on the Holocaust. On Quds Day in September 2010, Ahmadinejad criticized the Palestinian Authority over its president's decision to renew direct peace talks with Israel saying the talks are "stillborn" and "doomed to fail", urging the Palestinians to continue armed resistance to Israel. He said that Mahmoud Abbas had no authority to negotiate on behalf of the Palestinians. Nabil Abu Rudeineh, a spokesman for the Palestinian Authority, fired back, saying, Ahmadinejad "does not represent the Iranian people... is not entitled to talk about Palestine or the
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