Essay about History of English Language

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History of the English Language

One thing that makes human culture possible is the language, not thought. We cannot form a precise though without the power of words. Surely, we can relay on pictures, but language is the tool that will help the idea construct more completely, precisely, with more detail and finesse.
Animals communicate, but their way of communication is based on cries consisted of limited number of symbols which have general meaning.
In case of danger:
- A human with the help of words can specify the problem methodically saying what the problem is, how it happened, where it came from…
- An animal (bird) can only cry that there is danger, but no more
Therefore, the language of the animals lacks
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Pronouns, for example were different in the Medieval Age. But for these kinds of changes it takes a lot of time and it is not a very common thing.

Adverbs, on the other hand, belong to a word class that can be both lexical and grammatical. Those adverbs that derived from adjectives belong to the open-ended system, while those like: then, there, very, etc. belongs to the closed system.

Representational vs. Symbolic

Signs and Gestures

They can be representational or symbolic.
A representational sign can be any sigh that explains the situation without requiring the onlooker to search for a hidden or deeper meaning. Kids-on-the-road sigh means kids might be on the road. Stop sigh means stop doing what you’re doing. No other meaning, no deeper message in them.
Symbolic sighs are the opposite of the representational. They do require from the onlooker to observe and decipher the meaning of the picture on the sigh. Any nation flag symbolizes something; any movement sign symbolizes something, etc.
Same clarification on the sighs apply for the gestures that living creatures perform. Showing someone the finger clearly states representational gesture, while saluting someone using a specific gesture states a symbolic meaning for their movement/army, etc. What is a language?
Language is a signaling system which operates with symbolic vocal sounds.

Analytic vs. Synthetic

Analytic language

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