History Thru Films in the 70's Essay

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Webber Sybrun
December 20, 2011
Final Exam
Question Choice 2 and 3
3) Movies are useful tools for thinking about professional behavior and ethics. For example, films about lawyers can “raise questions about the proper and possible role of law in society”* while reflecting “powerful myths that influence our reactions to issues we meet in real life, including legal issues.” The same applies to journalism. We see these movies and in some ways they show us how American institutions are effected by crisis’s that undermines their credibility, another role we see and learn from in films is journalism “journalists are often called upon to make decisions based on a morally mature interpretation of principles rather than any specific code of
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Journalism and other professions “reward competition and unusual achievement,” that could lead to further deceptions with serious consequences if left unchecked: “The accepted practices may then grow increasingly insensitive, and abuses and mistakes more common, resulting in harm to self, profession, clients, and society.

In the conversation we see an agent who is lonely, depressed, and paranoid. A fear for those that may be hearing his conversations and he fears what he does in life as a living happening to him. Agents and there gadgets undermine the privacy of people in America. At times we are told this is only for our safety but what if one is obsessed with Caul is a loner, a man whose job is to listen in but never be part of society. He has three locks on his door yet admits to having “nothing personal” inside. He sees everyone as a threat to his personal security, and won’t let anyone in to his life. By writing Caul in this way, Coppola creates a perfect set-up for the story that soon follows; a man obsessed with saving the life of someone who doesn’t even know he exists. As Caul, Gene Hackman gives one of his career-best performances working with a script which allows him to bring a depth and fragility to such a lonely, sad man. At work, when he mixes the recordings and tries to decipher the audio, we see a man totally immersed in this world yet he cannot apply the same to relationships around him. His only comfort and

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