History : The Human Journal Essay

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History tells the story of human kinds past. The human species evolved from hunters and gatherers to Neolithic people, who began to build villages, which turned to cities all around the world. This transition gave humans a new way of life, focusing on things like building cultures and monuments, which will stand the tests of time. Throughout history, many civilizations have sprung up with different cultures, ideas, technologies, and political systems. However, not all these civilizations were successful and many were destroyed for several reasons. From starvation due to a bad harvest all the way to warfare, early civilizations had much to deal with to try to survive. When it comes down to it, geography determines the success of an early civilization. According to National Geographic’s “The Human Journal”, “Our species is an African one: Africa is where we first evolved” (“The Human Journal”). In very early human history, the only thing that differentiated humans was the geography in which they hunted and survived. Through evolution, humans began adapting to different environments to which they migrated, which began giving humans physical differences like skin color. Fast forward to when cities were formed, geography impacted agriculture, economics and militaristic strategies. Geography is the single most important factor that decides if a civilization will prosper and survive throughout centuries.
The most revolutionizing factor that caused humans to settle and…

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