History : The Foundation Of History Essay

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History is all of a matter of opinion when it comes to being studied, taught, and analyzed. All over the world, history is taught through different perspectives, and in each different country of the world, it has its variations depending on the country’s standing when the moment in time the history was taking place. Though each country throughout the world sees history differently from one another, the United States has split views about the foundation of our history. Three historians, Turner, Hofstadter, and Beard, all have opposing views about the history that created a foundation for success of the United States. Though Beard and Hofstadter make compelling points, Turner’s idea of the foundation of history, dating back to the frontier, is more pertinent when it comes to studying and examining American History. Frederick Jackson Turner is an American historian who lived from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s. His point of view, in the matter of the foundation of American history, was that the time in which the frontier was expanding, is the most important time in American History, giving a frame for the future and reason as to where The United States is today. In chapter one, of Turner 's book, The Frontier in American History, it discusses how the United States expanded from the Appalachians to beyond the Rocky Mountains, and how different European and Native American influences, which were both adopted and abandoned, affected the expansion socially, economically,…

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