History Of Western Music : The Middle Ages Essay

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History of Western Music Final Essay

The History of Western Music, the idea of western music’s history in its entirety is an immensely broad subject that has captured the attention of many. Music has changed a lot in the past couple millennia and I will argue that that often the changes that occur, are a response to previous ideas and musical norms. Also, taking note that the changes come with the culture at the time and the culture from the previous time. So let us briskly walk from the Middle Ages all the way to the present era and see just how music has changed and influenced the human race as a whole just as it has empowered and influenced individual people throughout history.
By far the Longest musical era was the Middle Ages. This period ran from the year 400 to the year 1450. The middle ages boasted much in musical change, as one could imagine being that it lasted over a millennium, but as people and society continued to advance as did the music that was played. In the middle ages if you wanted to hear a tune it might have been a good idea to travel alongside a trade route because one might run into a bard or another traveling musician. Music was also played in market places and the courts of royalty.
However, one cannot forget that music was largely a religious activity in the middle ages. In the early church and monastery’s, the art of the plainchant, later coined the Gregorian Chant, was the most common form of worship. It consisted of a monophonic…

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