History of Video Games Essay example

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Some problems are solved over a cup of coffee and some go on for decades without any sign of resolution. The reason may be that a solution can not be found or possibly that too many solutions are established. The ongoing argument of whether video games are good or bad for society is a clear example. Opponents believe they are a bad contribution to society while proponents believe they are a necessary and supportive addition to society. "William Higinbotham, who in 1958 created a game called Tennis for Two…" (The Beginning), is the one credited for the invention of the video game. At this stage in time, this new innovation did not spark much interest with the public. "Computer and video games themselves did not become part of the …show more content…
This controversy basically started from retaliation of the opponent's side. A new form of entertainment came out which was too violent for most of the audience. The critics, who were made up of mostly everyone at the time, were against this technology and made it that they be heard. Today this group has been narrowed down to about half the size it was but is still going strong. "Psychologists, researchers…" (Anderson) and concerned parents and adults are the main crowd opposed to video gaming. The main argument that was established since the "battle" began is the abundance of violence that takes place in the games. A research study published in 2000 "demonstrates that playing violent video games can increase a person's aggressive thoughts, feelings, and behavior" (Anderson). Researches like these have lead researchers and others to believe that some of our nation's tragedies were the effect of people engaging in violent video games. For example, the authors of an article "…note that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold enjoyed playing violent video games, and they speculate that these games played a role in their violent acts at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado in April of 1999" (Anderson). To concerned parents and some researchers video games will always be a negative craze. Just like the opponents of video games, the proponents also have psychologists and researchers on their

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